The magnificent Wendy MacNaughton – illustrator of marvelous things and existential insights – is back with a heartening open letter to the internet. Einstein would nod in agreement, as would Amanda Palmer.

How to say something nice about someone’s work when you have nothing nice to say, by Wendy MacNaughton.
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If you’re hiring for a creative position, this means creating an environment where good work can exist. This is obviously a complex topic in itself, but it touches on things like process, workspace, responsibility, and the kind of projects they’ll work on. If projects consistently don’t ship, don’t get implemented properly, or get watered down to nothing, this will quickly lead to disillusionment. Don’t think that pay or hiding behind perks or good company “culture” can even this out.

_Jacob Heftmann, Designer & Creator of Wevther (via howtoworkwithcreativepeople)

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love it! Nice simple UI

graphs on RunKeeper
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Happy new year everyone!
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Fresh new start today…

Moving my blog to Tumblr to kick off 2013 in style…

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